TeamPlayer Publishing is a network of game-related publishers, focused on high CPM’s, efficient delivery, and transparent structure. As a community of publishers, managed by members of the network, we all have the same goal: monetize safely and effectively.

This collaboration of publishers began as a means for smaller, individual yet highly active sites to enhance their audience footprint, become collectively more attractive to large networks and buyers, and gain the ability to negotiate stronger, more stable, and more favorable terms. initiated, and continues to manage the publishing network, including running this network’s ads exclusively in its spaces. This practice ensures that, from the top down, TeamPlayer Publishing is managed from a publisher and site owner’s perspective, with a focus on the best return on the investments of precious time and resources we all put into monetizing our websites.

Advertisers and publishers are encouraged to contact us for remnant, direct, and specialty advertising, US and international. We use a variety of platforms to place and deliver ads, with multiple layers of redundancy to ensure that every impression is purchased at as fair price as possible.