TeamPlayer Publishing is always seeking solid performing, honest, and proven advertisers to fill our spaces. We have a large US and international inventory, and need to keep our advertising fresh and relevant.

If you are a direct buyer or advertising agency/network, and wish to advertise in our spaces, do your homework, take a look at our sites, and understand who we are.

We accept general remnant buys, which will be placed in our chain of impressions depending on their CPM. We are hesitant to accept any CPA or CPC campaigns that are not proven and absolutely relevant to our content. As such, a vast majority of all of our inventory is strictly CPM only.

We are open to special buys, and have the capability to deliver highly specific inventory based on geography, frequency, browser, and even screen resolution among many other variables. Roadblocks, skins, and other high-end buys are great, and we ensure that all our publishers exercise proper discretion in positioning ad placements in order to maximize coverage, above and below the fold.

Should your network have any specific restrictions on where, how many, or for what users your ads should be seen, we can do that.