TeamPlayer Publishing succeeds because of publishers. Owned and operated by the same people who manage, TeamPlayer Publishing will only survive if the collective of publishers stand with it.

We are always seeking to connect with publishers in and out of the gaming industry. If your demographics are similar to ours and your traffic levels are comparable to any current member of the network, please contact us.

Requirements for Publishers:
  • Traffic similar in audience and comparable in volume to existing sites within the network.
  • Tracking independently in Quantcast (start now, since it takes several days for quantcast to fully quantify your site).
  • Tracking collectively using TeamPlayer Publishing’s Quantcast tag. This will be provided to you once you are accepted into our network, and is necessary for us to have aggregate stats of all publishers to present to advertisers.
  • Tracking in Google Analytics, and granting TeamPlayer Publishing “viewer” access to the analytics page so we can provide quick, highly detailed, and accurate data to advertisers seeking specific buys.

We don’t enforce strict minimums, we do not demand exclusivity, and we understand that this is a business. Individual sites are going to get individual deals, and we encourage our publishers to continue to pursue lucrative direct buys and maintain any current relationships they are in.

Of course, we also encourage our publishers to share leads and contacts whenever they can, since it provides a larger audience to the advertiser, and likely a higher CPM for everyone.