TeamPlayer Publishing is owned and managed by TeamPlayer Gaming, which runs The same ads that are running in this network run on our own site. Thus, any bad ads or otherwise harmful creatives that are in the network make their way onto our pages, where we see them and hear the complaints from our own precious users.

And that is unacceptable.

We proactively restrict all objectionable creatives, including absolute bans on all non-user initiated audio, expandable, or otherwise intrusive advertising. We also prohibit pop-ups, redirects, interstitials, or other distractions. Certainly, some advertisers have poor auditing practices, and bad ads make it through (rarely). When this occurs, being a collective, we have a much greater ability to “get things done”, pressure the advertisers, and remove the offensive content. Add to that multiple layers of advertising redundancy, and we can completely cut off an entire ad network from our spaces if they are slow or indifferent in correcting the problem. Smaller sites are more at the mercy of such bad business practices, but we have the ability to leverage our audience numbers to our benefit.

In the rare event that an advertiser or publisher wishes to negotiate an interstitial, pop-up, video, or other more intrusive format, we do so at the discretion of the individual publisher, who has the ultimate control as to whether such ads will or will not be shown, and at what price.